Miu Miu swallows, upgraded

Did my nails for Hong Kong and decided to make it as perfect as possible, so I referred to the Miu Miu prints as I was painting. Usually I just take one of the swallows and repeat it in different directions, but this time, I painted swallows in different flight positions.



I spent way more time on my right hand (as a right-hander, I usually struggle for twice as much time when using my left hand to paint!) but I’m glad it turned out ok! šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Miu Miu swallows, upgraded

  1. asstha says:

    ah… this looks so demure n girlie… totally fit u… did u paint the swallows over ur gelish polish? totally loving the halfmoon with pearls… enjoy ur holiday in HK… (^^)

  2. theblackcat1236 says:

    I really like that base color polish :O And you swallows turned out really nice šŸ™‚ *is kind of envious*

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