Retro Geometry

Regina picked this design from a nail art magazine and I had fun replicating it!


It actually involved the use of a lot of different colours but it doesn’t really show in my horrible pictures. 😦 there were three basic designs used in this set:

1. Double half moon, with the first one in white and the second line in either pink or orange. The second line was then filled with three gold studs spaced evenly.

2. Double line of two colours, such as pale green and orange, leaving a thin gap between the two lines. A large gold stud was set at the base of the nail.

3. White half moon, with the rest of the nail divided into four sections and painted pink, light green, orange and pale peach. All the sections had a tiny gap to create the illusion of a brown border. The gap between the half moon and the rest of the nail was filled with a large gold stud in the middle and small ones at the side.

Love this so much!

P.s. I used OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys for the base and added the other colours with acrylic paint, mixing my primary colours until I got the perfect shade!


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