My Champions League finals nails

I’m no longer a big fan of football (I used to be, when I was younger, but other obsessions took football’s place in my heart) but my boyfriend wanted to catch the finals between Barcelona and Manchester United so I went along!

We were catching the match with Manchester United fans so I thought I’d better blend in. πŸ˜› I did my nails for the occasions!

My left thumb had the devil from the Man U crest (there was no way I could freehand the entire crest with the words all squeezed in!) and my left ring finger had the stars in a circle from the Champions League logo (I think it’s also on the football they use…?).

For my right hand, I kept it simple with black shooting stars. The base colour was OPI Alpine Snow.

The final score was 3-1 to Barcelona, so our friends went home disappointed. Oh well! At least it was an exciting match. πŸ˜€

What next for my nails, now that the match is over? Hmm…


2 thoughts on “My Champions League finals nails

  1. april says:

    Terrific job! I love the Champion’s League ball. My sister & I are big soccer fans and you can see our World Cup inspired nails on our blog. Ashley was rooting for United too!

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