Renee’s Nails

Renee is the second lovely customer who sent me pictures of her nails! I really like the soft, feminine look of this set:


Base colour: OPI Have A Tempura Tantrum
Blossoms: acrylic paint in red, white and brown
Half moon: white acrylic paint
Polka dots: white and pink acrylic paint dotted on with my tiniest dotting tool.

I like the tiny dots a lot better than big dots, which are more commonly done. The small dots are more subtle and feminine as opposed to the big ones, which are much louder and more funky. Which size do you prefer?


7 thoughts on “Renee’s Nails

  1. asstha says:

    oh oh oh… i will be down again nxt weekend… but my nails n toes super short… >.<
    i will b arriving on fri midnight so I can either take d 1 – 2.30pm slots… or the 6.15pm onwards slots… shud b doing full nail art (hopefully my nails are longer by then) and pedi… onie big toe… email me 2 let me knw ya…

    • nailartexpress says:

      Haha well knowing you, they’re probably still a decent length by usual standards! They have about 10 days to grow anyway 😛 I’ll see you at 1 then! It will be less crowded and less hot 🙂 the place should be much easier to find! Hope you still have my number!

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