Maneater Nails

I had another change of art (hur hur… This is never going to get old) today!

Today’s design was inspired by a red and gold leopard print combination I saw in a nail art magazine long ago. I don’t have it with me (it’s at my boyfriend’s place) so I can only post a picture of the original inspiration when I go over!

Anyway, this is my take:


For the gold base, I used China Glaze Midnight Kiss and for the red, I used China Glaze Hey Sailor! (also used this for the red heart). Wow, this is such an obnoxious red – I love it! Goes on beautifully as well, just like the other colours from the Anchors Away collection. I really love the formula that China Glaze uses for its creme polishes… better than OPI!

The brown leopard prints were OPI’s OPI and Apple Pie dotted on randomly before I outlined them with black acrylic paint.

Finally, for the plain red nails, I glued on gold studs in two sizes. I actually really like the simplicity of the red nails with gold studs – reminds me of bindis! I think they would look great on every nail as well!


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