Hugs and Kisses for you?

Two lovely girls came to do their nails at my place and although they picked very similar designs, the end results reflected their different personalities!

First, something sweet:


This is a glitter gradation with art done on the tips. I wonder if she was inspired by my leopard-tipped nails when she requested for this! πŸ˜€

The base is OPI Passion, and I used my Art Club silver glitter striper for the gradation. I then painted white and pink lips on the tips; for the ring finger, I painted XOXO in pink with white highlights.

Her friend went for an edgier colour combination:


I used Orly Liquid Vinyl for the black base. For the thumbs, I painted on a more detailed pair of lips in pink with white highlights and used black paint with a very fine brush for the creases. For the ring finger, I did the same XOXO design. For the rest of the fingers, I painted stripes in pink, white, or both pink and white.

Which do you prefer? Personally, I would go for the girlier, glittery version with the soft colour scheme!


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