China Glaze Pelican Grey

Finally tried my new China Glaze Pelican Grey from the Anchors Away collection!

It has the most wonderful consistency and goes on so smoothly just like the other colours from the same collection. The grey is soft and light, with subtle microshimmer in it. LOVE IT!

As you can see, I added some acrylic ribbons (Teacher Joe says they’re EMBOSSED nail art, not 3D as most people tend to say. I’ll talk more about 3D nail art when I’ve learnt it properly!) and a crystal in the middle. For the other nails, I kept them simple but blinged with a half moon lined in silver glitter.

Something soft and subtle for the election weekend! Yes, Singapore is going to the polls! I REALLY REALLY wanted to wear my support for *CERTAIN* parties on my nails, but I don’t want to gain notoriety that way… I don’t think I can bear the repercussions! If you’re interested in such nail art though, do hop over to Pam’s blog, because she has an awesome set of Workers’ Party nails!


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