Water Marbling

We did water marbling in class last week and learnt three different designs – a heart-shaped marble (the most common and the simplest), a marble that looks like flower petals (also easy, just a few more pulls), and one that looks like noodles/spaghetti or yarn.

This one has a lot more steps. After “opening” the water marble (by dragging from the centre to the left, and then from the centre to the right), we dragged it up and down in very closely spaced lines and then dragged left and right similarly.

This is tricky because you need to do it carefully and quickly before the polish dries in the water. It’s nice for a change, but too tedious and messy for me to want to do it more often!


2 thoughts on “Water Marbling

    • nailartexpress says:

      Heh we were actually using polishes provided by the school… so there wasn’t much of a choice there! They were “unbranded” polishes and unmarked so I have no idea what they are… :/

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