Entries for Just for Toes! Nail Art Contest

UPDATE: I have received a few comments that only voted for ONE entry instead of the required TWO entries. I have deleted such comments. Please read voting instructions carefully.

Today, I am pleased to post the 8 entries I received for the Just for Toes! nail art contest. The theme was “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”. The winner will be determined by public voting (50%) and voting by neutral parties (50% – I will be getting my Pink Room teachers/classmates to help me out with this!).

For the public voting section, it is open to ANYONE – just leave a comment with the number of TWO of your favourite entries. Do note, however, that entries from the same IP address will only be counted once. Voting will close on 1 May at 12 noon, Singapore time (+8 GMT). Have fun voting!

#1 – Marika: “hi!!!! this is my modest entry for your contest :take a walk on the wild side!! i choose purple pink zebra print in my junggle ( and my garden is curently really wild!!!!)”

#2 – Bavani’s first entry: “Inspired by the colourful eyes of exotic wild animals.”

#3 – Bavani’s second entry: “The night sky that can be seen if you literally take a walk in the wild. Glittery stars, constellations and bright, colourful planets.”

$4 – Joretta: “loud and crazy colours! nail polish: neon yellow, neon green, neon yellow, neon orange. Stripes and Dots: white, neon orange, neon blue. Fimo: yellow smiling face, fruits. clear top coat.”

#5 – Indah: “First thing that came to my mind when i saw the theme was animal prints! But its getting very common so i thought of other colourful creatures, and decided to do a wild butterfly wing design with crazy colours. Butterfly wing designs are getting popular now and i had fun doing this set. Hope you like it as much as me =)”

#6 – Lauren: “The design on these nails fits the theme “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” because the zig zag pattern and the loud pink color are exciting and attract attention. And of course since it’s nail art on feet it satisfies the “take a walk” part of the theme :)”

#7 – Ann: “Leopard prints with different colours, which reminded me of Easter (Same date as the contest deadline). I interpreted a design in Nail Venus Bible EX 2011 but used a brown outline instead red. This was because of 2 reasons, Salome just gave me this awesome Borghese nail polish and I had seen a post by Nail Art Express that used a brown outline that I thought would work well with my design as well.

The picture was composed with leopard prints on Mr Zebra. This was meant to be a tongue in cheek reference to Ris Low. Not our proudest Singapore moment but just thought I’ll inject some fun into the photography :-)”

#8 – Stephanie: “I like to express myself through my fashion and nails! I love bright colors and animal print, and I thought wow what could be wilder than mixing! my “walk on the wildside” entry consists of neon colors and leopard print.”


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