Flyer design

I spent the whole of last night working on a wheel for nail art so that I could use it for a new flyer design. Behold!

That’s all I have for the flyer design for now. I wanted to go for a stark, simple design. The main aim is just to drive traffic to this site and not to get more customers (no time for that!!!) so I don’t think I’ll print my rates and services on the flyer. I’ll probably add more random scribbles to capture the essence of this site – my obsession with nail art and love for nail polish! 😛 So far I only have “I feel naked without nail polish on.” I’ll have to think about it again!

Posted in: DIY

2 thoughts on “Flyer design

  1. Ash-Lilly says:

    Ah man, I’m comment spamming again. Can’t help it though; whenever you post, I get an email!! I like the design. It’s simple but the colours help you see exactly what is being advertised. Very nice.

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