Cuticle Nippers

About two weeks ago, I bought an awesome pair of cuticle nippers. Previously, I’d been using the standard one issued by my nail school. Teacher Nicole said that we could always buy better quality, sharper ones if we wanted, but they would be dangerous in untrained or inexperienced hands. I took her advice and continued using the standard one.

However, after a while, I got fed up with it. I couldn’t trim cuticles cleanly with it because it wasn’t sharp enough. So, when I finally went to PNC Traders (more on that later), I asked them to recommend a good pair of cuticle nippers.

This is what I bought – made-in-Vietnam Jaw 12 stainless steel cuticle nippers for $12.

I was dizzy with delight when I first used it. It is slim enough to get into hard-to-reach corners, and so sensitive that you just need the slightest touch to clip skin off. No more tugging and repeated attempts to snip off overgrown cuticles!

Now, I can get a much cleaner trim! Check out my newly-trimmed cuticles:

Love it!

By the way, PNC Traders is a wonderful place for nail art lovers – it has cheap supplies for everything from OPI polishes ($9.50 a bottle) to nail tips ($7.50 for a box of 100 french tips) to dotting tools ($7 for a pack of 5). Go to Blk 34 Upper Cross Street, #02-150 to check them out!


One thought on “Cuticle Nippers

  1. Serene says:

    Hi, I stumbled upon your blog recently and have been a silent reader and follower since then.
    Wanted to thank you for updating useful info like this recent find on cheap finds. I am not really good with my hands like you, but is just interested to pick up some tips for self – usage. Looking forward to a chance to meet you up in person to say Hello!

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