Cage or stained glass?

Finally went down to Fingertip yesterday to pamper my poor feet! There wasn’t much left of the previous design anyway after a whole month so I was long overdue for a proper pedicure!

I was flipping through some nail art magazines looking for more unique designs when I spotted this one:

The colour combination is a little too sweet for my taste, so I wanted to have it done with a nude base and black stripes with a bit of glitter liner. I didn’t want to have it too complicated either, given how small toenails are, so I asked for white sunflowers to be done on my big toenails only.

The manicurist did quite well in drawing the black lines, but she ended up using a holographic glitter instead of the silver glitter that I had in mind, so I stopped there instead of proceeding with the sunflowers. I thought it would look quite weird to have the funky holo glitter and the sweet sunflowers, so I just settled for this!

Anyway, I thought it turned out quite nice nonetheless. Reminds me a lot of “cage heels” and also of stained glass windows!


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