Peacock Feathers

Marilyn requested for a peacock design based on a pair of earrings that she had. She sent me a picture of the earrings and I then googled to see if anyone had done the design before. There were a few, and I sent her the links to check if they were what she had in mind. However, she didn’t really like them as the existing designs were more abstract and not close enough to how peacock feathers are really like. In the end, I worked on a sample based on some photos of peacock feathers, and showed her the nail tip for approval. This is the end result:

It was a really complex process because I used a lot of different polishes and stripers for this look. I started with a gold polish and then outlined it in green glitter and then a pastel green polish.

Then, using a green striper, I created the curved lines of the peacock feather. I also used green glitter at the base of the lines and gold glitter for the length of the lines to make the feather more sparkly and vibrant.

Finally, I added a pastel blue “eye” in the middle of the gold and blue glitter polish in the “eye”.

Thank you Marilyn for requesting this design – I had fun creating it!


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