Whew! This has been a crazy period of intense preparation and I am so glad it’s all over! Today, we had to hand in our homework before sitting for the exam.

This is the first assignment – filing 50 nail tips and polishing them. It took me about ten hours in total and I had to redo some of it because I didn’t read the assignment paper properly and painted them the wrong colour. 😦

The next assignment is to work on 10 “customers” – mostly red and French, and simple nail art.

This assignment was to ensure that all students would get enough “practical” experience working on “customers” before sitting for the exam. Although I’ve probably had about 200 real customers so far, I didn’t want to include them in the assignment. Instead, I worked on “customers” – volunteers who came down for my self-study session, my friends and my relatives.

We had to do the nail art on nail tips as well and stick it onto the assignment sheet. The tips took me about two hours, I guess… the real killer was having to do ten “customers” on top of all the work with the nail tips! I now need to catch up on many hours of lost sleep. 😦

I went for six study sessions instead of the minimum four required, so that’s 18 hours that I clocked over a three-week period, on top of the twice-weekly evening classes at Pink Room and the 12 hours I spent at home working on the nail tips. I feel like that’s a lot of effort put in but I know some of my classmates worked even harder than I did… I hope we all pass the exam! Keeping my fingers crossed. 😦


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