My Pricing Policy

Sometimes, I get a lot of queries that are frequently asked, and I feel like I should create an FAQ section so that people can just get a quick answer from there.

One thing that surprises people is how I charge for my services. The prices on my Service Menu are actually not rigid. I give discounts based on various considerations:

1. How much training and experience I have

I may consider myself inadequately trained or inexperienced for certain services and hence charge less. I consider myself to be a “student” unless I have received certification for that particular course.

$11 for this set of nail art

Right now I have an attendance certificate for the natural nail care course, which means I have learnt how to do a full classic manicure and pedicure, but I have not sat for and passed my exam yet. When that milestone is crossed, I may adjust my rates upwards. Right now, my rates are considered very low, I know, but I want them to send an accurate picture of where I am now in my learning journey. I know of some people and salons charging CRAZY prices when their work is nothing fantastic, and I have no respect for such behaviour.

$15 for this set of nail art

I know some people may think I am “spoiling the market” with such rates, but think about it this way – I’m not doing this for a living. I use quality materials and my charges just cover my costs and any profit goes right back into buying more polishes or magazines to fuel my passion for nail art. Slots for my services are also very limited as I do this in my spare time, so I am no competition to anyone.

2. How badly I want to do a design

Often, I have new designs created on fake nail tips. I love collecting pictures of my designs done on people, so if you’re the first person to select a particular design, I may actually offer a huge discount.

I only charged Bessie $20 for a classic manicure and this design because I was dying to do it on someone. However, if anyone were to do this design now, it would cost $25 for the nail art alone (express manicure at $6 or classic manicure at $12).

3. How close we are

I don’t charge my friends anything. I give repeat customers discounts. If you’re doing me a favour like letting me practise for my exam on you, I’ll return the favour by doing a full set of nail art for you.

Pam, my awesome classmate at Pink Room:

FY, who’s always there for me:

Kah Yan, whom I practised on as well:

4. How well I think I have done your nails

I have my off days. I may be feeling unwell and unable to work as quickly or as well as usual, so I charge less to make it up to the customer. If I think my work is awful, I won’t even charge at all.

$40 for classic manicure and pedicure and the above full set of nail art because I was having a bad day

Apart from this, the prices for the nail art depends on the amount of effort and cost of materials used – naturally, designs that take more time will cost more, and if there are crystals, pearls or studs, they cost more too.


2 thoughts on “My Pricing Policy

  1. kim says:

    hi, if u need people to practice on, i dont mind.. my nails are generally average length,, like 3-5mm from the curve(dunno how to describe).. thanks! where are u located at?

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