Another extensions class @ Pink Room

Once again, I volunteered for Teacher Joe’s demonstration. πŸ˜€

I do this for a very good reason – although it means I am “sacrificing” my nails, perhaps damaging them a little, and have to remove them on my own later on, it also means I get a very good view of what the teacher is doing. I can also constantly look at my demo nail after that as it would be the model for me to follow when I have to do my own nail. I treasure each opportunity I get to observe Teacher Joe in action because I have already missed two extensions classes and I need to catch up by observing. 😦

Anyway, we were working on sculptured extensions again. For the first demo, he did a coloured extension by mixing pink, purple, and glitter acrylic powders.

He finished it off with a gel top coat – awesome stuff! Cures in two minutes and is so shiny and hardy! Only bad thing is I can’t just soak it off. It has to be filed off and then the acrylic has to be soaked off. 😦

The second demo was for a french tip. This is so hard to do because you need to look out for so many things… such as getting the shape of the “smile line” right, and also building the wall of the white section right to avoid blurry, shadowy lines.

Definitely not something that can be learnt overnight or on your own! After the demo, we tried doing the french sculptured extensions on our own nails.

If you look at the two “smile lines” carefully, you’ll notice that one of them has a “shadow”. This is because I neglected to pay attention to the angle of the wall and the pink acrylic overflowed. 😦

Did much better on my second attempt! The “smile line” is a lot cleaner and sharper. I have noticed, though, that I always shape a very gentle one, as opposed to the V-shape that Teacher Joe tends to do.

What I am most pleased about though, is the progress that I made with my filing (I didn’t attend the class on filing so I was really lost for a while) after getting tips from my classmates and observing the demonstrations closely. I don’t feel so lost now, so I really have to thank everyone who helped! I love my classmates because they are always so helpful and not selfish at all. There’s no sense of competition and we’re kinda like a family. πŸ˜€

When I get better at this, I’ll ask for volunteers to be my model for a free full set of acrylic extensions. πŸ˜‰


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