Manicure Exam

The next exam is supposed to be on 17th April, but I’m totally not prepared for it. I’m not too worried about remembering the steps or doing them right, because that can be solved with a bit of practice. Besides, there’s a revision class just for the exam and I can attend that if I need more help. What I’m worried about is all the assignments that we have to submit on the day of the exam.

The first assignment is to file and polish 50 fake nail tips. There are five different shapes that we need to file, and for each shape, we need to file two sets of five tips, polishing one set red and the other set french. This forms part of the marks for the certification for the natural nailcare course.

The second assignment is to practise on ten “customers”. I’ve never actually kept count, but I’ve worked on more than 100 people for sure. The problem is that we have to keep a record of the customers’ details and submit them for checking. This is just to ensure that we’ve actually done our work and not lied about it to make up the numbers. Also, I’ve always focused on nail art and this assignment actually requires us to just polish or to do french tips. So, I intend to work on ten people just for this assignment.

The next assignment is more like a requirement. I think we actually have to complete four (or is it two? two would be a lot more manageable) self-study sessions at the school. Each session is three hours so that means I need to clock in 4X3=12 hours before 17 April. It’s my fault for not doing this earlier – I just kept thinking that I would wait until the exam date drew nearer but I only just found out that it’s on the 17th and I have less than 3 weeks to get ready for it. Now I have to find time amidst my CRAZY work schedule to fulfil these requirements.

These assignments + the actual exam + the pedicure exam I took awhile back will all count towards my final grade. And apparently the average passing rate is 10%. That means only 1 out of every 10 people who take the exam pass! The passing mark isn’t 50/100 – Teacher Joe mentioned something like 80/100, but that could be for the extension class and may not apply for the natural nailcare exam. I can’t be sure, but what I’m certain about is that it’s not going to be easy passing with the bit of time I have to prepare for this!

Because of all these worries, I’ve actually been considering skipping this exam and waiting for the next one. We won’t know the date yet, but it may be two months later. That would be perfect for me, because work would be a lot less crazy by then. However, I feel like I should at least give this a try – even if I fail due to lack of practice or poor grades for my assignments (entirely possible if I rush to complete them), I can always sit for a re-exam and treat this one as a practice.



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