Form-fitting for Sculptured Acrylic Extensions

Yesterday’s class was dedicated to fitting forms onto the finger for sculptured extensions!

I was struggling at first because when we were first trying after Teacher Joe’s demonstration, we weren’t very clear about the exact steps and the little tips/tricks to take note of. However, when Teacher Joe came around to correct us individually, we got much better.

Sometimes I feel like such a nerd… I always feel like trying and trying again until it’s good enough to receive the teacher’s approval. Getting a “very good” always makes my day!

Sadly, I’d missed the previous lesson which was dedicated to filing and buffing the tip extensions, so when I finished my form-fitting, I quickly got my classmates to teach me what they learnt.

There are quite a few steps and I tried it out on the extension that Teacher Joe did for me the other time. The end result:

So shiny and beautiful! Of course, it helped that I was filing Teacher Joe’s extension work, so there wasn’t much to actually file off/buff as it was already so close to perfection.

I’m really sad though that I have to miss the next lesson AGAIN because of work commitments. I hate how crazy my job can be sometimes. 😦


2 thoughts on “Form-fitting for Sculptured Acrylic Extensions

    • nailartexpress says:

      Are you learning extensions somewhere? My teacher has a lot of tips for us, but I can’t really describe them properly – it’s something you have to see for yourself! 🙂 before you insert the nail form, do you gently press down the two sides to form the c-curve? Inserting it curved helps to create a good fit. 🙂

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