Just for Toes! Nail Art Contest!

Preview of my next nail art contest

Nail art is really catching on now, but it’s still really rare to see people posting pictures of nail art done on their toes. This is why my next nail art contest will be just for toes!

The theme: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Possible interpretations: animal prints, safari, loud and crazy colours, footprints…

How to join: Submit 2 photos of your design (either done on one foot or on 5 fake nail tips for toes) to inthepink.martini@gmail.com by 22 April 2011. Include a description of your design, explaining how it fits the theme.

(tentative, will add more later)
– China Glaze Party Hearty
– Orly Matte Vinyl
– Striper polishes for nail art from Daiso
– Heart-shaped pink foam toe separators, one pair
– Cuticle nippers
– Leopard print nail file
– Clear nail tip wheel (you can use it for practising nail art or swatching polishes)

I’m also thinking of changing the way the winner is chosen by including a judging component to the public voting. I will update again when I’ve finalised the details. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up first!


22 thoughts on “Just for Toes! Nail Art Contest!

    • nailartexpress says:

      Oh! They’re not common at all – i buy mine from eBay. You could check local nail supply stores, but you could save the hassle and expense if you just do it on someone’s feet. 🙂

      • bavani's colours says:

        Oh lol. Okay, I’ll try to find a foot model lol.

        Thanks for answering my questions. And thanks for having contests instead of just “giveaways” like other nail bloggers who only want free publicity. You seem to sincerely want to see the creative part of nail art, not just the commercial. It’s refreshing lol.

  1. Lauren says:

    I was wondering how come we need to submit 2 pictures of each toenail art submission? I have pictures from previous pedicures but I only took one picture at the time

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