Baby steps to acrylic extensions

Last lesson, we learnt how to form perfect balls from monomer and acrylic powder. With practice, you get better at picking up the right amount of liquid on your brush to get the exact size that you want for the acrylic bead.

Teacher Joe made us practise on this laminated sheet with various shapes and sizes printed on it!

Then, today, we attempted to do acrylic extensions with fake tips. I volunteered my index finger for Teacher Joe’s demonstration – look at the utter perfection of his work!

When I tried the first time, I picked up too much acrylic powder and that explains the mess that is my middle finger. Although Teacher Joe said it was ok, I think he was just being nice to us since it was our first try! I think it is super hideous. I later tried filing it down to get a better shape but gave up (we don’t learn filing the acrylic extension until the next lesson anyway) to try again on my ring finger.

I like the result a lot more, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. I was quite happy because Teacher Joe looked at it and said it was good – he even asked me if I had any experience doing acrylic extensions, so I was over the moon. I know he probably had low expectations today so I will try much much harder to achieve perfection!


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