A kind reader alerted me to a website that has stolen pictures and words (even entire posts) from this blog.

When I went there, I also saw some other pictures that looked familiar – I must have seen them from other nail bloggers. This person is using these pictures and posting wantonly without acknowledging the sources of the pictures, and is basically passing them off as her own. I don’t want to put the link here because I don’t want to send traffic to the site, but basically, this is the email I sent her:


Kindly acknowledge or remove all pictures that you have used from my blog ( By using my words and pictures (as well as others’ pictures, especially with regards to the Chinese New Year contest entries), you are plagiarising without respect for intellectual property. When quoting or using others’ pictures, you should ALWAYS link back to them and say where they are from. Not doing so is akin to PRETENDING that you are the creator. Since you like nail polish and nail art enough to dedicate your blog to it, you really should respect the time and effort that others have put into their work as well. I do not appreciate what you have done and I have no respect for such actions. Please email me back when you have done the proper acknowledgements or removed my pictures/posts from your blog.


Are you familiar with the email address That is the email address that I found on the blog. I am curious to know if anyone else has experiences with this particular person. I suspect she probably doesn’t care about respecting intellectual property because notoriety brings traffic that will bring in ad revenue for her!


7 thoughts on “Theft

  1. Ash-Lilly says:

    That sort of behaviour is pretty poor. It doesn’t take five minutes to link back or even send an email asking for permission. Hopefully she’ll see reason and remove the images! Keep us updated!

  2. Linda says:

    This is SO annoying! I’ve had this problem too a while ago, you have read about it on my blog. The blog was eventually removed but is now ‘on air’ again. Recently I found out about ANOTHER blog that had just put entire posts on it, including mine. By searching for the email address on Google, I found the website that is now stealing posts from you. I actually think they are related! Their layouts are very much alike. (The sites are topnailart and koreanailart.blogspot – you can remove this if you want to.) What do you think?

    • nailartexpress says:

      Hmm gosh, it’s worse than I thought! It’s actually ANOTHER one, not the two you mentioned. Well, I don’t want to publicise the URLs because I think that’s what they’re after – so the most I’ll do is to report them to their hosts, but apart from that, I’ll just ignore them. I think anyone who visits these sites can tell that they are a total fraud. 😦

      • Linda says:

        Yeah I found the blog you are referring to! It has the same kind of layout as the other ones I mentioned, black background, Google Ads, the stat/visitor counters, not being able to leave a comment, etc.
        I also think that’s perhaps the best we can do – it’s indeed quite obvious they copied the posts. (They didn’t even remove my watermark.)

  3. Rins says:

    I think copyright infringement is inevitable when you post something online. Some people simply don’t have respect for the work of others. I’ve had my share of bad experiences wherein a site posted my nail art photo without permission and worst, cropped out my watermark. In some cases, reporting it to the website host helps.

    Good luck!

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