Originals from Nail Max and Nail Up!

Pictures as promised!

First up, the design from the April issue of Nail Max that inspired my “Sweet Set”:

My take:

Next, also from April’s Nail Max, this beautiful design that inspired my “Neutrals”:

My take:

Finally, today’s design was based on this Valentine’s Day design in the March issue of Nail Up!

My take:

Each issue of these magazines has HUNDREDS of beautiful designs – one issue can easily keep me occupied for a month. 😀 They are pricey at about US$12 – $15 each, but definitely worth the money! Can’t wait for the Popular Expo sale this coming weekend, because I once found old issues of these magazines going at S$3 each. Such a steal! Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll find some there. 😛


2 thoughts on “Originals from Nail Max and Nail Up!

  1. Ash-Lilly says:

    I’m still looking for some of those mags. I’m in love with the little one I have…but it doesn’t have an English name so I don’t know what it’s called, lol!

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