Hot Stuff

I love the combination of hot pink and black – it just pops and screams attitude! So, I decided to work on a set of nails with this colour scheme, and added metal studs to top off the look!

The thumbnail design is a hot pink base with double half moons, at the base and at the tip. I lined the black with silver studs, and the best thing is that your black bit doesn’t need to have perfect edges, because you can use the studs to cover up imperfections!

The next one is a zebra print design that I repeated on the last fingernail. Zebra prints are easy – just lines that vary in thickness and taper off at the ends in a certain direction. For this, I had them somewhat diagonal. I could have outlined them in silver glitter, but decided to keep them stark and simple in the end.

Next, I used a black base and added two lines of studs down the middle. For the ring fingernail, I did a simple half moon outlined with silver studs. Tada!


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