Sweet Set

This next design was also inspired by something I saw in Nail Max. I’ll post up a picture of the original designs later on so you can take a look. 😉

Anyway, this is my take:

For the thumb and ring finger, I used OPI’s Suzi & the Lifeguard as the base, then added pearls. The thumbnail has large and small pearls alternating while the other fingernail is decorated with small pearls.

For the little finger and first finger, the design is taken from Nail Max exactly. I used China Glaze’s Recycle for the French tip, then added black polka dots (with a dotting tool and black polish) and outlined the French tip with a solid silver liner from Art Club. Next, using a fine-tipped brush and light pink acrylic paint, I painted loops and stuck on pearls at the base of the loops.

For the middle finger, I adapted the Nail Max design, which originally had an acrylic ribbon. I did a freehand version instead with light pink acrylic paint and outlined it with the solid silver liner from Art Club. Finally, I stuck on a large pearl in the middle of the ribbon.

It’s a very sweet combination and I would love to have this on my own nails!


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