Japanese nail art magazines like Nail Max, Nail Up! and Nail Venus are always excellent sources of inspiration for me. I was at Kinokuniya yesterday and bought two issues, which then promptly led to me making this design:

The base colour for all the designs is OPI’s Barefoot in Barcelona and the darker colour is OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques. Beautiful neutrals! ♥

The first one is a “Ruffian” with three dotted loops. For all the dots, I used a dotting tool with nail polish – I usually use acrylic paint, but this time, I wanted the colour to match the polish, so I used the polish itself.

The second and last one is a dotted design that I took from Nail Max – it adds a twist to the usual polka dots by alternating the size of the dots.

The middle one is another “Ruffian”, with dots lining the curve.

The next one is a “Ruffian” in reverse colours, with the dotted design in the lower section.

Hope you like it!


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