Tiny blossoms

This was inspired by some fabric that I bought on a whim while in Kuala Lumpur in January. I added the nail art with acrylic paint on top of First Kiss by China Glaze. The colours here are a little blue-ish in tone because the pictures were taken at night and indoors – they are warmer in real life!

I used a fine-tipped paintbrush for this design and acrylic paint in pink, red and brown.

I did the blossoms first by painting on irregularly shaped blobs with pink acrylic paint, then I mixed the pink in a palette with some red to get a darker pink, and added that to the blobs. I also used red acrylic paint to add more details to get that watercolour painting effect.

The great thing about doing these flowers is that they are meant to all look different, so you can just muddle around with them and blend and shade as you like.

Finally, I used brown acrylic paint for the stalk and leaf details. I didn’t use green for the leaves because the fabric print itself doesn’t have any green – the colours are all very earthy and flesh-toned or pink-hued.

See my little finger there? The nail is kind of growing out nicely from the accident I had, but it’s still quite hideous for the moment. 😦


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