Square No More!

For the longest time, my nails have been shaped a rounded square (or squoval?). Here they are with Orly’s Liquid Vinyl – gorgeous black, by the way, and an absolute dream to apply. Opaque in ONE coat… and perfectly even in two.

However, with a recent chip in my index fingernail, I’ve decided to embrace the Japanese trend of oval nails!

Unfortunately, First Kiss by China Glaze offers such sheer coverage that I had to apply FIVE coats for an even, opaque colour… but what a beautiful colour it is. I can’t decide if it’s worth the pain of applying five coats yet. Well, until I find the perfect opaque off-white, this will have to do.

Last fingernail is a bit smooshed as I went to bed right after that (with a coat of Seche Vite)… oh well. It IS five coats, after all.


5 thoughts on “Square No More!

  1. asstha says:

    Hi. First time visiting your blog and I must say I love your nail designs. I came from Rins blog on the Colour Splash Entry.
    Usually for sheer colours I’d use one coat of an opaque white then only two coats of the sheer. Mayb you can try it out. Cheers… (^^)

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