Had my mock pedi exam today! I was in a bit of a panic because I only found out about it when Pam reminded me on Saturday… I was absent for the last lesson!

Anyway, it counts for 10% of our total score for the mani pedi course, so I was a little concerned…

To make things worse, we were supposed to work on a partner’s feet, but we were odd-numbered today, so we drew lots to see who would have to do the pedi on Teacher Nicole. Guess who got picked?

Anyway, I’ll explain in between pictures.

It is a one hour exam, and we had to follow all the proper steps.

We had to paint the toenails red on one side and french on the other.

Then we had to do simple nail art with a nail art pen in the big toenails.

It was scary because there were so many steps to remember and do, and Teacher Nicole was my subject! Then, to add on to the stress, I’d never completed any mani pedi on time in previous practices, and if you don’t complete it, you fail right away. It is REALLY hard to finish on time!

This time, I rushed through everything and finished with one minute (!) to spare. I was the first in my group to finish too, which was truly amazing to me. Do pardon the shoddy work! I was frantically working to complete the pedi. It’s been a while since my heart beat so fast!


4 thoughts on “Exam!

  1. Brit J says:

    omg! that looks hella good! i mean it looks like you took your time. if you hadn’t said that you rushed i would have NEVER guessed it. how did you do on that part of the exam btw?

    • nailartexpress says:

      There are little imperfections here and there actually and I’m sure my teacher would have deducted points for them 😦 the teachers pay a lot of attention to detail and we only pass if we score 80%! we won’t know our marks until we finish our big exam, which is 70% of the score and sometime in April. 😦

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