German-themed nails

Ellise came over today to get her nails done for a German-themed party. An hour before she arrived, I tried out some simple designs on fake tips first. The most obvious thing to me would be the colours of the German flag – black, red and yellow (although Wikipedia says it’s gold…). I also think of beer when I think of Germany, so I knew I wanted to include that in.

The result – a simple and colourful series:

I mixed up the combination a little by putting the beer design on her left ring finger and right thumb, and saved the German flag for her left thumb and right ring finger:

I kept the rest of the fingers simple by painting them either black, red or yellow:

Ellise had told me that she had a S$20 budget for this, so I hope she was pleased that she ended up paying only S$11 for this entire set, inclusive of the express manicure:

Doing this set made me happy… doing new designs always makes me happy! That’s why I’m always willing to charge low rates for new designs even though they take longer to do – the fun is in doing them, not in making money!


7 thoughts on “German-themed nails

    • nailartexpress says:

      Hehe my knowledge of German culture is so limited! The only other thing I thought of was the swastika and planting a Hitler face there, but I was worried it might seem a little… offensive? What would you associate with your country?

  1. Ellise says:

    Hi Ying!
    Thanks for doing this design for me! The party was great, and my German teacher was so happy when she saw it, she said it was “sehr schΓΆn” which means “very nice” in german. πŸ™‚ Anyway, the other food they like to eat are sausages and sauerkraut but I don’t think they’ll look nice on a nail. Haha! Thanks again!

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