Results of CNY Nail Art Contest


Instead of 2 winners, we have 3! Orlica had the most votes, and Mae and Ash-Lilly tied for second place.

I had to spend a bit more time looking through the entries a second time in order to weed out any unfair votes. I did not take into account two types of votes:
1. Multiple votes from the same IP address
2. Votes for just one person (people were supposed to vote for TWO of their favourite entries, not one.

Although I didn’t state from the start that I would ignore votes for just one person, I felt that this was necessary because it showed that some people might have just voted for a friend without being genuinely interested in all the wonderful art and talent displayed in the contest. If they had read the post carefully, they would have noticed that they were required to vote for two entries… and if they hadn’t read the post carefully, they were probably just here for 5 seconds to vote for a friend. That’s just the conclusion I jumped to, so I do apologise if it isn’t true.

Moving on!

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest – seeing all the creativity, talent and passion for nail art was very inspiring! I’m going to end this post with pictures of the winning entries πŸ˜€





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