Chinese New Year Nail Art Contest Entries!

EDIT! Added one more design! It was received slightly past the deadline, but I realised that it was still the 23rd in some countries, so please consider it as well when you vote! If you have already voted and wish to change your vote, just leave a comment stating that you are revoting. πŸ™‚ Scroll all the way down for the new entry!

As promised, here are the entries for the Chinese New Year Nail Art Contest!

Before we dive into the pictures, let me just say that I am absolutely astounded at the amount of creativity and talent seen in the designs. I love all the designs and I would be hard-pressed to choose a winner!

I have nail art prize packs up for grabs, to be given to two participants with the highest number of votes.

How to vote: simply leave a comment stating the number of two of your favourite entries. All comments are screened and the IP addresses are logged, and I will only count votes from unique IP addresses. Once I have counted a vote, the comment will be made visible. Voting will close on 31 Jan 2011 at 23:59 Singapore time (it is +8 GMT over here in Singapore) and results will be out on 2 Feb 2011 at 00:00 Singapore time.

Here are the amazing entries!

1. Mae: I named it “Happy Bunny 2011” I used “color club art of seduction” for the base coat, then I stamped it twice with HB 31 image plate to make the design full… I used chg 2030 for stamping, after that, I sponged 2 black dots, then stamped again with H19 image plate (the chinese character which means “Happiness” in english word). I used white special polish, and last but not the list, I stamped B104 image plate bunny design,I used dotting tool for the bunny eyes and apply top coat.

2. Corina, who says that she was inspired by the Chinese letters:

3. Melanie: I decided to do fireworks, the symbol for rabbit and oranges in fimo. I was trying to add a few things that I think of when I think of Chinese New Year but also keep things simple because I’m a beginner.

4. Ash-Lilly: I painted a fan with a dragon on it on my thumb because I love chinese fans and dragons too. The lantern on my index nail is one of many decorations that I remember seeing in China Town (in London) around the time of the Chinese New Year when I have been in the West End. The rabbit on my pinkie nail signifies the fact that it is the Year of the Rabbit and on the other fingers I have painted a cherry blossom tree. I know that this tree is Japanese, but it is so beautiful that I just had to put it in too. I don’t have any paints other than normal polish so this is what I used.

5. Orlica: The first thing what has appeared in my head when I though about Chinese New Year was a lot of traditional lanterns, so it’s also the first thing what I placed on my nails. On a pinkie I only wrote ‘2011’. On my ring finger you can see Chinese word what means ‘a rabbit’ – because 2011 is a Rabbit Year. That’s why I made these cute rabbits on my middle finger – please, consider: I coloured them with a tiny brush! And on my index finger is a dragon – another characteristic symbol of Chinese celebrating πŸ™‚

6. Alysha: I basically just googled Chinese New Year and started looking a different pictures, I really could not decide on one thing so I figured why not do a combination of things — which is what I did, I ended up trying to combine the most common things I was seeing, every finger is different and completely freestyle.

7. Rina: I love the challenge because it meant I’d be working with something red since Chinese are always associated with this color and coincidentally, it’s my favorite color! I did 2 accent nails on my ring fingers. I drew a rabbit on my left hand and a Chinese character for “rabbit” on my right hand to represent that 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. As for the other nails, I didn’t want an elaborate design so that the bunny will stand out. So I just stamped an image that is somewhat festive.

8. Dragan Anca Iulia: What am i thinking about my design ? ….i think at playing cards.

9. Naekubi: My nail design was inspired by the typical colours for new year: red and gold and glitter, because it’s a festive season πŸ™‚ I used new year symbols like tangerines and plum/peach blossoms as inspiration. You might ask why there is a cat on my thumbnail. The reason is that I am of Vietnamese descent and in Vietnam, this year is not the year of the rabbit, but the year of the cat!

10. Andayn: My inspiration for this contest was even the theme CHINESE NEW YEAR 2011. Was not easy but it was fun πŸ™‚
I have chosen to represent the symbols of this party namely, the dragon, those colored lamps, and because is the year of the rabbit, I drew a funny rabbit :). 2011 is written on small nail. Like that any party, people are not missing. I hope you enjoy!

11. Linda: Here’s my entry for your Chinese New Year themed contest! My main goal was to avoid tackiness, and for that reason I didn’t use the combination red and gold, the typical Chinese New Year colours. Instead I came up with a quite cute design, pink and gold with dots and a rabbit on each nail. I also added some Chinese signs, I have no idea what they mean or if they even mean something πŸ˜‰

Vote away!


165 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Nail Art Contest Entries!

    • nailartexpress says:

      Linda! Sorry! I posted this entry at midnight sharp and went to bed… just found out that you emailed me 7 minutes past the deadline, but then realised it was still the 23rd in some countries (sorry I didn’t state clearly that I was ending it at Singapore time!)… so I just posted it back up! 😦

  1. LouiseP says:

    I vote number 4 and 10… Beautiful pieces of art work.. Number 4 (ash-lilly) is my favourite!!! Bright and cheeful. Lovely colours and detail!! Good luck ladies! Xxxx

  2. Zarina Villanueva says:

    I vote for #1 ~MAE!!! (^__^)
    I vote for #1 ~MAE!!! (^__^)
    I vote for #1 ~MAE!!! (^__^)
    I vote for #1 ~MAE!!! (^__^)
    I vote for #1 ~MAE!!! (^__^)

    Goodluck to everyone!

    [vote not taken into account – voted for one entry only]

  3. alices says:

    I wanna vote for 5 Orlica
    all entries are great and this is the greatest

    [vote not taken into account – voted for one entry only]

  4. unforgiven says:

    Well, I think I see some cheating here… How many votes for one person in a row? :/
    Every contestants could ask their friends for votes but they don’t. Why? Cause it’s not fair. It’s sad.

  5. peace says:

    That’s the essence of voting system.. To spread it to others and to tell ur friends to vote for your entry… I don’t see anything wrong with it… =)

  6. latinonails says:

    I wote for no. 10, andayn – because I love how she works on details. My second choise is no. 2, Corina – because I love her hand-made rabbit and the background of the chineese letters. I’d love to point that I mostly appriciate these girls because they did all the mani by freehand, without stamps or stickers, good for her! They are the real artists! πŸ™‚

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